At the café de Flore

Paris 1960

Léon Herschtritt

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Make me

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Isleets at Port-Villez, 1883

Claude Monet

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Lucifer (Morningstar)

A wax sculpture depicting the devil snared in a set of power lines built by Paul Fryer. The sculpture is illuminated by the church’s stained glass windows.

It can be seen at The Holy Trinity Church in Marylebone, Westminster.


I still remember those nights that turned in to mornings, I miss those moments and the people I shared it with.

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Adrian Ghenie

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The most fun a poor art history major can have without selling their soul for the ability to travel the world. 

Google maps lets you go in places now: Musee d’Orsay, The Met, Versailles, all of the places above, and tons more. I am pleased. 

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