I was on the train to rome when I made this





she come in my garden everyday and sit in front of me while I work on my sketchbook. she doesn’t want food, she just sit there looking at me. today I covered her in flower and we were both happy.

Maybe she’s your guardian angel.. I mean srsly. Just look at this cat. 

There is way too much intelligence in those eyes. There is a goddess in your garden.

So I have a guardian angel and it comes in the form of a cat. sweet

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I jumped from there with my friend, the water was amazing


Claude Monet in 1923

Colourized Photos

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Spent the afternoon in the garden with my sketchbooks and lazy cat.

"I became obsessed with turtles. I bought six of them and put them in a bathtub. They show no emotion, they’re so inanimate. It’s the complete opposite of what dogs are, I can’t stand dogs, they’re too willing to please. I like cats. Animals that require attention. Turtles have this fuck you attitude, ‘I’m stuck in this tank, I’m miserable and I’m not going to perform for you.’" - Kurt Cobain.

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The Garden of Words

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A sixth grader’s advice to future sixth graders.

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my brother has the most amazing eyes and I kinda hate him for that